Christmas is just around the corner again, and if you’re running out of ideas for what to get someone, then this is the list for you. With a variety of gifts that are perfect for those creative techy people, who you can’t just give a bath set or a pack of socks, this list of gifts available from Active Robots might just be your saving grace. With some “useless” but fun gifts, and some that will be entertaining for the whole family on Christmas day, this list has been compiled for those people who you just don’t know what to get for Christmas 2018.

Herbie the Mousebot:

Herbie the Mousebot is a quick, easy to build, light-chasing robot kit. It even has functional whisker and tail sensors. Herbie chases torch light beams, and is so quick that you have to run to keep up with him.Herbie comes as a build-it-yourself kit that does not use microprocessors or programming. The building process is made easy and fun ,and is perfect for any electronic beginners. It requires soldering and some basic tools in order to be put together, but within a couple of hours your hard work will pay off. You’ll end up with a fun little mouse that will follow your torch light. Just be careful your cat doesn’t follow Herbie too! This little toy could be great for entertaining your family over the Christmas period.Herbie The MouseHerbie is available here. 

The Solarbotics Solar Marble Machine:

Watch the marbles ride up and then roll down! Solarbotics have created a clever little marble machine which takes light from the solar cell, stores it and releases it in a pulse. The pulse then  makes the gear wheel move in order to drop the marble down the spiral. In sunlight, the motor will pulse every few seconds and drop a ball every minute. If you leave it indoors then the motor will pulse every few minutes, so you need to be a little more patient. Or, if patience is not your forte then you can use the hand crank to see the marble drop.The kit contains all the parts needed to build the machine, however you will need your own tools, including a soldering iron, The kit is great for anyone who loves a little project, and the final product can be enjoyed by all.

Solar marble machine

Purchase it here

Kitronik’s Project Kits:

Kitronik’s project kits are perfect for those who have an interest in electronics; they’re great for beginners. There are a variety of kits available; you can make a xylophone, a lamp, a stereo and many more things with the different kits. And all are of minimal cost; perfect for a secret santa gift and stocking fillers.Most do require some basic soldering and tools, however the instructions that come with the packs are clear enough for beginners to understand and follow.


See the full range here

Solarbotics Useless Box:

This one does exactly what it says on the tin. The Useless Box turns itself off when you turn it on. It could amuse anyone for hours, but before it can it needs assembling. With some basic soldering and screwdriver skills you’ll soon have your own useless box. It’s annoying, funny and useless all at once, but would be a great stocking filler for anyone you want to have a laugh with.It would be the perfect gift for someone to leave on their desk and wait for curiosity to claim victim after victim. The useless box kit is one of the best ways of showing how technology can do incredibly simple things. Turn the useless box on and it will turn itself off- that’s all it does.

Useless box

Get your own DIY Useless Box here

Have you got young children that are into science too? Active Robots are distributors of Lego and Lego Education products which are the perfect educational playthings.

The Simple and Powered Machines set includes 396 LEGO® Technic elements for creating a broad range of models that cover concepts such as forces and motion, measuring, energy and structure, all in a sturdy storage bin that includes a sorting tray. Perfect for ages 8+, this set contains a brick assortment for exploring design and technology with more advanced mechanisms, structures, and forces.You can buy this set here.Lego’s WeDo sets are also great introductory kits to control technology and programming using robotics. It is a fantastic, simple-to-use tool that enables pupils to learn by constructing their own models and bringing them to life. WeDo can help play an active role in children’s learning.You can find out more about these here.