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Rethink Robotics

Open-source Software Development Kit (SDK) utilising the Robot Operating System (ROS) platform. Open repositories of code available via Github, enabling group collaboration and sharing. www.github.com/rethinkrobotics Connect to Baxter over LAN using a Linux workstation running ROS and the Baxter SDK. Full support of the Unified Robot Description Format (URDF), allowing robot dynamics to be modelled and simulated. Position, Velocity and Torque feedback data from every joint; direct access to camera feeds; access to Navigator Human Interface Devices and all other sensors. Position, Velocity and Torque control of every joint via SDK joint control classes or a standard ROS publisher.

Access to Zero Force Gravity Compensation mode (Zero G), allowing you to integrate programming by demonstration into your research. Rvis support: Utilise ROS's Rvis 3D visualisation environment to view sensor and environment data to allow development and debugging.

MoveIt! integration allowing use of MoveIt!'s planning, manipulation and kinematics libraries for advanced control. Utilise Inverse/Forward/Jacobian Kinematics capabilities along with Motion Planning via OMPL, SBPL, CHOMP and IKFast libraries integrated with MoveIt!'s environment representation, collision checking and constraint evaluation abilities. Gazebo simulation support: work with a virtual model of Baxter to enable early stage development and testing on cutting edge research that may not be ready to run on the robot.

Enable large groups of students to work on projects and development at any time and then use the same code on the physical robot during scheduled lab access times. Ease of integration with additional ROS libraries and external software libraries such as OpenCV. Open-source end-effector specifications, including mounting plates and control interface. The RS422 based control interface is available to access, allowing design of custom manipulators that are fully compatible with Baxter. Receive specifications and CAD files of gripper fingers to allow custom grippers to be 3D printed or fabricated for custom grasping and manipulation.

Workstation Required Specification Intel i5 or above 4Gb RAM or above Minimum 2Gb HDD space Ethernet The ease of use of Baxter makes it the perfect platform for teaching, Baxter is already being integrated into undergraduate teaching in the USA. Worcester Polytechnic Institute (New England, USA) is integrating Baxter into teaching and using it to modernise their existing industrial robotics course. University of Utah (Utah, USA) use Baxter for Undergraduate Lab Exercises in their robotics courses. Northwestern University (Illinois, USA) use Baxter as a platform for projects for their Masters Degree in Robotics. University of California, Berkeley (California, USA) use Baxter for Undergraduate ROS teaching and Lab Exercises.

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Rethink Robotics

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