Niryo Robotics from France have a new collaborative 6-axis robot, NED,  based on open-source technologies. The Robot is designed for
  • Education
  • Vocational training
  • Research laboratories
Ned is designed to accomplish with fluidity and precision (0.5mm) the movements required by robotic projects. This is ideal for training, education, research and prototyping.  The robot has a robust aluminium skeleton and is sure to be popular in higher education.

Niryo Ned Robot prices from just £2193.

The flexible programming options will be very useful, with a block programming option for simplicity as well as the more standard Python and ROS. Find out more about the robot here:- This low cost robot is also available with a useful ecosystem to teach the basics of industry 4.0.  The vision system and conveyor belt, along with a number of gripper options make it viable for a university course to have a robot programming and prototyping robot for every student. Find out more about the Nyrio NED Ecosystem and educational curricula here:- Video of NED in action here:-   Niryo NED Robot EDUCATION_CONVEYOR

Controlling Ned

Activate the robot learning mode to manually position the robot and teach it positions to be reproduced. Controlling Ned can be as simple as pressing a button. With Niryo Studio, the free desktop application, use blocks to create your robotic programs. Based on Blockly (similar to Scratch), our visual programming interface allows you to quickly and easily create robotic programs without any computer development knowledge. Use an Arduino or a Raspberry Pi to control the robot via its digital inputs/outputs (tutorial available). Advanced users: develop your own controller (use a mouse, keyboard, joystick or Leap Motion to control Ned according to your preferences), use different languages and APIs (Python, C++, MATLAB, Modbus, TCP/IP...) to control the robot directly or remotely, or dive directly into the ROS code, which is open-source.
Max Payload 300 g
Reach 440 mm
Precision 0.5 mm*
Repeatability 0.5 mm*
Base Joint Range +/- 175 Degrees
Power Supply 11.1 Volts / 6A
Robot Weight 6.5 kg
Communication Ethernet 1 Gb/s WIFI 2,4GHz & 5GHz – 802.11 b/g/n/ac - (~31 dBm, <80dBm) Bluetooth 5.0 BLE USB
Interface Programming Windows/MacOS/Linux (desktop application) & APIs
Materials Aluminium, PLA (3D printed)
Ports 1 Ethernet Gigabit + 2 USB 3.0 + 2 USB 2.0
Hardware Raspberry Pi 4
+ 3 x Niryo Steppers
+ 2 x Dynamixel XL -430
+ 1 x Dynamixel XL -320
Collision Detection Sensor Magnetic sensor (motor)

Gripper (Included)

 Weight  109 g
 Power Supply  7.6 v
 Max Operating Width  23.82 mm
 Picking Distance (from end effector base)  85 mm
 Motor  XL-320
 Operating Temperature Degrees Centigrade  5-45