The new Pololu 3pi+ 32U4 OLED Robot is now available! This is an updated version of the original 3pi+ 32U4 Robot that replaces the older LCD version with a monochrome 128×64 OLED display, giving it the ability to display fancy high-contrast graphics while following a line course, navigating a maze, or doing whatever it is that you want this compact but versatile mobile platform to do. From a software perspective, the increased capability of the new OLED display comes with an increase in complexity of programming.  To help get you started, Pololu have developed an LCD compatibility layer as part of our Arduino library for the 3pi+ 32U4. This makes it easier to use the OLED screen for common display tasks, and it’s straightforward to write programs that will work on either version of the robot with minimal changes, since you can update an existing program to run on the OLED version by changing just a single line of code. This little robot is packed with features that make it ideal for learning and research in today’s robot landscape. The mobile platform is based on the Arduino compatible ATmega32U4 MCU and is super fast.  It has wrap around a body for protection but the battery is fully accessible. The robots have built in line and bump sensors, 3 axis accelerometers, magnetometer, reflectance meters and gyro, along with dual encoders for closed loop speed control and position sensing.  This robot is well suited for coordinated swarm robots and use on robotics courses.
  • Low cost complete mobile robot platform
  • Ideal for STEM
  • Higher Education research such as swarm robotics
  • Huge capability in the palm of your hand
For interaction with the robot, there are left and right bump sensors, three push buttons, an LCD screen, buzzer, indicator LEDs and USB connectivity, allowing users to program feedback and countless interactions.  The 3Pi+ Mobile Robot is 97L x 96W x 36H mm, weighs 100g without batteries, and comes fully assembled. You can find out more here: All schools and universities have an account with Active Robots, so you can order by emailing us with your official Purchase Order. To build your own mobile robots, check out the range for AGVs, AIVs and other mobile robots.

You can buy the 3Pi+ HERE

  3Pi robot with OLED pololu-3Pi-32U4-OLED-screen-Mobile-Robot