Simple & Powered Machines

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The LEGO Simple and Powered Machines 9686 set from LEGO Education offers children a complete solution for exploring design engineering and is delivered with a very complete curriculum pack in full-colour. 

This set contains a brick assortment for exploring design and technology with more advanced mechanisms, structures, and forces.

  • Age: 8+ 
  • 2 pupils 
  • 396 pieces
Simple & Powered Machines Simple & Powered Machines Simple & Powered Machines
Simple & Powered Machines

It includes 396 LEGO® Technic elements for creating a broad range of models that cover concepts such as forces and motion, measuring, energy and structure, all in a sturdy storage bin that includes a sorting tray.

A motor is also included to allow pupils to build self-propelled machines, adding a totally new dimension of teaching opportunities to the solution.

Students design and observe the behavior of their models. They reflect and re-design the model functionality and present their findings. Students build the models together, each focusing on their part of the model - strengthening their 21st-century skills in collaboration and communication.

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