The HUB0001 is a drop-in replacement for the HUB0000 and will enable data rate increases of up to 10x for future generations of VINT devices. The VINT Hub is one of the most commonly used Phidgets. Connect up to 6 devices to your computer through a single USB port.

Each VINT port can perform one of four roles:
Communicate with an intelligent VINT Device
Read a 0-5V Voltage or ratiometric sensor
Act as a digital output
Read switches as a digital input
The mode of each port is set in your program, allowing for flexible use in projects.
Technical details:
Plug and Program - Device is automatically discovered by the Phidget API when attached
Pulse Width Modulation Enabled - Ports in DigitalOutput mode support PWM, useful for dimming LEDs and other simple components
Analog Sensor compatible - Each port is backward compatible with both ratiometric and non-ratiometric Phidget analog sensors
USB Voltage Supply - Each port has a power and ground pin providing direct access to the USB voltage supply
Improved Performance on newer VINT devices. See the Advanced Topics section of the User Guide for more details.


The VINT HUB can be found here:-

You can discover sensors and other Phidgets components here:-


Phidgets are modular devices that simplify the task of gathering data from and providing control to the physical world. We have sensors to measure properties such as temperature, force, and movement; and controllers for motors, displays, and LEDs. They have been used by engineers, computer scientists, and industry professionals for over a decade.

One of the biggest advantages of Phidgets compared to alternatives is how quickly and cleanly you can assemble and disassemble a system. No messing around with solder, breadboards or complicated pinout diagrams.



VINT Hub HUB0001