November 2014

  1. Nao's a TV star
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    Nao's a TV star

    Nao Humanoid Robots hit the streets of London dancing 'Gangnam Style' Last week our Nao Humanoid robots danced their way out of the office and headed over to Picadilly Circus in London where they met Jon Bentley from Channel 5's The Gadget Show to compete against humans in a Gangnam Style dance off! Continue reading →
  2. Active Robots Voted No:1 in Education
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    Active Robots Voted No:1 in Education

    We're number 1 according to Emma Williams at Total Education. Recently, Total Education published a blog listing the top robotics companies operating within the field of education and Active Robots are happy to announce that we have been voted number 1! Continue reading →
  3. First Use: Weistek 3D Printer
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    First Use: Weistek 3D Printer

    Before this week I had two impressions of 3D printers. You have the huge, expensive machines that take days to print and cost more than I'd earn in a year. Then you have the other printers that, whilst affordable, print fuzzy and poor quality items. When I was tasked with using a cheap 3D printer I assumed it would be the latter, and I'd be lucky to make out feet from faces. It would turn out that this assumption couldn't have been further from the truth. Continue reading →
  4. A Lego Adventure
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    A Lego Adventure

    "So I hear you have experience with LEGO." This sentence marks the day where I realised I had reached my peak of happiness. I had spent every moment of my childhood building and constructing LEGO, so when I was handed a huge box of not only robotics, but LEGO robotics, I was overjoyed. Continue reading →

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