May 2014

  1. Robots and Society
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    Robots and Society

    The past few decades have witnessed the increasing role that robots play in society.  Often we take Robots and Society role for granted and naturally, it becomes easy for forget what they actually do in the world in which we live. Continue reading →
  2. 3D Printing set to take over
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    3D Printing set to take over

    3D Printing is set to take over; it is a revolutionary piece of technology which allows solid three-dimensional objects to be produced from a digital file. It can be used in a wide range of industries from producing car parts to making implants and many other products. Continue reading →
  3. Graham Norton Appearance
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    Graham Norton Appearance

    A Nao Humanoid Robot was the star of the  Graham Norton Television show despite sharing the bill with worldwide celebrity actors including Bafta winner Gary Oldman, Oscars-nominee Toni Collette, and Shaun of the Dead start Nick Frost. Continue reading →
  4. Introduction to Robots
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    Introduction to Robots

    A robot is an autonomous or semi-autonomous electromechanical system that couples inputs, such as sensors, with actuators, such as motors via a control system. This control system and its overall ability to control the robot in a logical manner is often compared to the human brain. Continue reading →

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