Terms & Conditions

Last updated: August 2023

Active Robots (Retail). (“Active Robots (Retail)” or “we”) operates the www.active-robots.com website (the “Site”), where buyers (“Customers”) can purchase robotics products (“Products”) sold by Active Robots (Retail) and third-party vendors (Active Robots (Retail) and such vendors being collectively referred to as “Vendors” and individually as a “Vendor”, unless a reference is made to a Vendor being a third-party vendor). Active Robots (Retail) provides the Site and resells the Products subject to the following terms and conditions. These Conditions of Use and Sale (the “Conditions”) form a legally binding contract between you (also sometimes referred to as “Customer”) and Active Robots (Retail) in relation to your use of the Site and the purchase of Products (third-party Vendors are third-party beneficiaries of the “Purchase Agreement” and General Provisions sections of these Conditions). Active Robots (Retail) reserves the right to modify at any time and without notification its Site and the Conditions. Therefore, please check these Conditions carefully each time you place an order with, or accept delivery of any Products from Active Robots (Retail). If you are not in agreement with one or many of these Conditions, please do not use the Site in any way and do not purchase Products.

All Products sold on the Site are believed to be of good quality and reliable. However, Active Robots (Retail) warns against the use of Products in an application where an error or malfunctioning could result in damage to property, injury or even death of humans or animals. The primary responsibility for the use or operation of robots and robotics technology falls on the user.

Be vigilant and act prudently.

Website Use


You agree to use Site only for purposes that are permitted by these Conditions. You agree that you will not access or attempt to access the Site other than through the interface that is provided by Active Robots (Retail), unless you have specifically been authorized to do so in a separate written agreement between you and Active Robots (Retail). You specifically agree not to access or attempt to access the Site through any automated means, including through the use of web scrapers or crawlers. You agree that you will not engage in any activity that disrupts or otherwise interferes with the functioning of the Site. You agree that you will not duplicate, reproduce, copy, distribute, or resell the Site or any of its content for any purpose. You agree that you are solely responsible for any breach of your obligations under these Conditions and for the consequences of any such breach.

All information, images, descriptions, applications, demonstrations or programming samples or examples contained on the Site are presented for instructional value and are not guaranteed for any specific purpose or objective.Active Robots (Retail) assumes no responsibility for any content or material displayed on the Site that is provided by third parties; furthermore, Active Robots (Retail) assumes no responsibility for any infringement of copyright and/or other intellectual property rights of third parties or for any damages suffered as a result of your use of any such material. Further, all links to third-party websites from the Site are provided as resources to Customers and Robotshop does not assume responsibility for the content of any third party websites.

Purchasing Agreement


By accepting delivery of any Product purchased on the Site from a Vendor, Customer agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions listed below. You and Active Robots (Retail) agree that the following terms and conditions are the exclusive terms governing the sales transaction between Customer and a Vendor selling Products on the Site. Any attempt to alter, supplement, modify or amend these terms and conditions by Customer will be null and void. All purchase-sale transactions on the Site by Customer occur between a Vendor (i.e. Active Robots (Retail)p or a third-party Vendor) and the Customer. In the event Customer purchases Products from a third-party Vendor, such third-party Vendor will be the “seller of record”. In such a case Active Robots (Retail) will only act as a platform provider and marketplace facilitator and will not be a party to the purchase and sale transaction occurring between the third-party Vendor and the Customer.

Risk Of Loss


Risk of loss and title for items purchased on the Site pass to Customer upon receipt of the item(s) by Customer.

Cancelling Orders


You can cancel product orders that haven't yet entered the shipping process by contacting Active Robots (Retail) as soon as possible through the sales@active-robots.com email or by phone. We will verify the status of your order and validate if it is cancellable and subject to any fees.

Vendors put a lot of effort into delivering purchased products rapidly. If an order has already shipped when you contact Active Robots (Retail), The Product may then be returned subject to the terms in the returns page.

Products identified as special products may not be cancelled if a purchase has already been processed specifically for you with the manufacturer. Restocking fees up to 20% may apply for large quantity order cancellations.

Shipping charges are refundable at a base rate of second class. anything more will not be refunded.

Active Robots (Retail) reserves the right to refuse or cancel any order in cases where an account has an outstanding balance.



Active Robots ships the United States of America, the 27 Euro member countries and to the UK from the United Kingdom. Once you add the products you want to order to your cart, you will be able to immediately see the shipping options and rate. You are able to choose between several shipping services (depending on your location).

We usually handle all orders within 24 hours. If the item is not in stock, you will be informed before ordering.

A tracking number will follow by email soon after you have placed your order. Active Robots tries to respect the delivery date shown; however, we are not responsible for delays caused by third parties that are not within our control (carriers, customs, etc.).