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Phidgets are an easy to use set of building blocks for low cost sensing and control from your PC. Using the Universal Serial Bus (USB) as the basis for all Phidgets, the complexity is managed behind an easy to use and robust Application Programming Interface (API). Applications can be developed quickly in Visual Basic, VBA (Microsoft Access and Excel), LabView, Java, Delphi, C and C++.

Phidgets provide users with the underpinnings of an affordable and highly flexible system which can be harnessed via a PC to sense and manage a number of environmental elements, ultimately leading to the creation of smarter, more interactive robotic devices.

Because you can buy phidgets in the UK which take advantage of a USB interface, as well as offering compatibility across all of the major desktop operating systems, it is possible to deploy them in whichever configuration is best suited to the project on which you are working.

Phidgets can be sense everything from the ambient temperature in the room to the geographic location of the device thanks to GPS. And with a range of port interfaces and hubs available, multiple sensors designed to detect different variables can be included in the same system. There are even the most basic but important products available here, including mounting brackets so that everything can be held in place.

To control the phidgets the user will be able to develop applications within a wide range of popular programming platforms, including Visual Basic and C++.

Phidgets truly are the building blocks of robotics, achieving the impressive feat of allowing the interaction between and management of complicated physical systems through a PC interface. With an open source approach it is possible to build apps which are designed to make the most out of fidgets whether you are using Windows, Mac OS X or Linux.

While you can purchase these devices individually, there are also comprehensive interface kits to select, allowing you to get multiple components which can be combined to perform a cohesive function. And if all you need is cabling, then that is also on offer to ensure that you can put the finishing touches to a system that will work well and fulfill whatever purpose you have designed.

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