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Roboteq focused on delivering the best Motor Controllers for the then-emerging Mobile Robot industry. At the time, we serviced young startups, many of which have since grown into of today’s most successful Mobile Robot and AGV Makers. Today, our Motor Controller catalog has grown into the Industry’s largest and most versatile for this application area. It has also grown to include other important Robot Systems components such as Navigation Sensors and Power Management Subsystem.

In December 2019, Roboteq has been acquired by $15 billion revenue Nidec Corp., the world’s largest electric motor manufacturer. Roboteq operates under the Nidec Motion Control division, which designs, develops and produces motors, encoders, drives and gearboxes for robotics and automation companies, with operations in the U.S., Mexico, Europe, and China.

With Nidec’s resources and worldwide footprint, Roboteq is positioned better than ever to deliver total drive system solutions and is now poised to become an even faster growing and more capable innovator:

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