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goBILDA is a metric, grid-based building system brought to you by the same crew behind ServoCity and Actobotics! Modularity is what sets goBILDA aside from other build systems. Whether you're building an ant-weight robot, a 3D Printer or the desk your printer would set on, goBILDA is the build system for the task!

The 8mm grid spacing on the smallest beam is the same one you'll find on the longest piece of channel. To easily integrate bearings which hold shafting for drive components such as gears, sprockets and pulleys, you'll find a 14mm hole spaced every 24mm down much of the structural components. We chose 24mm because it integrates seamlessly with the 8mm grid, but also because MOD 0.8 gears mesh perfectly at such spacing.


If you can't find any goBILDA products that you need, then please just contact us and we'll put in an order for you.

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Who uses goBILDA?


Use goBILDA to introduce their students to programming, electronics, and robotics as early as grade eight.


Use goBILDA to aid in highly customized experiments- for example, a network of Spatial Sensors to monitor earthquake activity across a city


Use  goBILDA to build fun projects in their spare time- for example, a sound system that loads different songs based on which RFID tag is placed on the surface of the coffee table.

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