AGV 89mm 1500rpm Drive System, AGV0891500

As low as £3,035.38 £2,529.48

An AGV Robot Drive system including two 89mm Frame Motors, Gearbox and Wheel Assemblies.

  • FBLG23xx Motor Controller Included
  • Payload for up to 1000kg
  • Motors run up to 1500 RPM.

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The motors are tuned and calibrated, to deliver a Plug and Play experience, saving days of guesswork.

The motors and controllers are matched and guranteed to operate safely under any load or overload condition.

Functional Safety is ensured via the STO (Safe Torque Off) capability of the motor controller. 

All of Roboteq's products are programmable and easily interface to computers or PLCs.

To ease your integration task, Roboteq offers a powerful Setup and Monitoring PC utility, samples scripts, Linux/Windows API's, drivers for Robot Operating System, and Robot Simulator.

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