We're doing a spot of Spring cleaning here at Active Robots as the office has got a bit like a Magpie's nest and we just don't have any room, so now's your chance to grab a bargain.

We're sad to see our collection of cool toys go but needs must as we've got hundreds of new products arriving soon and we simply don't have any room in our warehouse to put them, but our loss is your gain and we're sure they'll go to a good home!

We've got lots of items on offer, from demonstration 3D printers and exhibition robots to part-built kits and even magazines all for sale at reduced prices in our eBay shop which we'll be adding to daily over the next week. Also, keep an eye out on our website, activerobots.gddevsite.com for all the new products which have been arriving since Christmas, such as the new Intel Edison. Have you seen some of the crazy stuff being showcased at CES 2015 in Las Vegas? Here's CNET's top 20 items so far: www.cnet.com.

All items in our eBay shop come with VAT and packaging included in the price so what you see is what you pay. We've tried to be as accurate as possible with our listings but if you've got any questions please call us on 0800 756 9913 or ask a question directly using the link on the individual item.