When Apple created the App Store back in July 2008 it opened up a whole new market on which a thriving industry has been born, but what's next for the App developing world? Computer games developers, software engineers and even computer science graduates have all switched their attention to developing Apps as a means of generating income. Some students have even managed to fund their University studies through App development. Traditional marketing agencies have also brought App development into their portfolio and there has also been an impressive rise in the number of specialist App development companies throughout the UK. With Apple boasting more than 1.3 million Apps and over 50 billion downloads worldwide this market was worth $31bn in 2013. When rivals such as Google Play, Amazon Appstore and Windows Phone Store entered the fray the market looks only set to grow with predictions that the App market will be worth $66bn by 2016. Whilst the traditional phone and tablet based Apps market is becoming pretty saturated, there is now a new platform for App developers to work with which already has penetration worldwide and is quickly becoming more readily available to the mainstream market - NAO.

All you need is NAO

This incredibly versatile humanoid robot platform is opening up beyond University research to integrate throughout the World. There are currently over 6000 NAO Humanoid robots in use and only 92 Apps available for download through the Aldebaran App Store meaning that there is huge potential for growth in a robot platform that is only becoming more popular and mainstream. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YrknRqBCLi

NAO Developer Program

Aldebaran provide developers in the NAO Developer Program with:
  • Complete SDK: API libraries and developer tools necessary to build, test and debug  apps
  • Free Software updates
  • Access to a dedicated community  of NAO experts
  • Dedicated platform for project exchange
  • Support from R&D teams
  • A dedicated NAO Apps store
  • Community events, user-groups, hackathons
red and blue nao robots Whether you're an independent developer, innovative company or an existing NAO user looking to monetise your existing NAO robot, you can enter the promising world of personal robotics through the NAO Developer Program. By providing an innovative and scalable platform, as well as intuitive and comprehensive development tools, Aldebaran can help you create the right applications with the NAO robot. Education, home assistance, entertainment, store reception, and much more. The possibilities are yours to imagine with this pioneering robot platform and there is yet to be a market leader for robot App development. We're watching and waiting to see who will be the first company to start rolling out Apps for robots. Active Robots are expecting their next delivery of NAO Humanoid robots this week so with NAO you can start your own business from as little as £3999! (ex VAT & delivery)