Active Robots have spent time, during September and October, visiting Universities in England and Scotland to provide presentations about its Baxter Research Robot. Manufacturing industry and research institutions rely increasingly on robotics and all forms of control engineering to study and to make any kind of product, from toothpaste to vehicles. So Active Robots was able to ensure that both staff and students could witness all of the capabilities of the unique Baxter Robot. The universities visited include Glasgow Caledonian on 9 September, Staffordshire University on 17 September, Central Lancashire University on 24 September, Surrey University on 29 September, Kings College, London University on 2 October and Portsmouth University on 29 October. The universities in which Active Robots’ Visited study robotics in some form and have a great interest in the Baxter Robot.  The purpose of the demonstrations is to enable the students and staff to see first-hand the capabilities and possibilities of the robot in their universities with its safe operation around humans without the need of safety cages.  The Robot will hold a huge impact on the student’s careers. It is a humanoid robot platform that has two seven-axis arms together with integrated cameras and a range of sonar and torque sensors. One adaptation of the Baxter robot is the introduction of a tactile sensor, enabling the robot to hold a USB cable with one of its arms and to insert it into a relevant USB port. The Baxter Research Robot comes in two versions.  A work station controls the Academic research version whilst the manufacturing research version is menu-driven.  The manufacturing version can be operated immediately without the need for programming, and has all of the inherent safety features included in the academic type. The Baxter Research Robot provides an extremely safe and robust platform for innovation and was specifically designed with the needs of academic labs and corporate research departments in mind, as well as feasibility studies for business and research leading into manufacturing. For further information about Active Robots University Visits, please contact us.