Compact ServoBlock™ (27mm Width, For Standard Size H25T Spline Servo, Hub-Shaft)

£34.68 £28.90
This 25 tooth ServoBlock® isolates radial loads from your servo with a robust frame that’s highly compact, super mountable, and rocking an integrated bearing to support its Hub-Shaft. Compared to the 43mm Width Compact ServoBlock (SKU: 3217-0001-2501), this ServoBlock™ is even more abbreviated in its design, boasting a 27mm width that helps it fit just right in 1143 Series Mini Low-Side U-Channel. The threaded holes on the face and sides provide for secure attachment via M4 screws. The hub-shaft, meanwhile, maintains the goBILDA® 16mm square pattern of surrounding structure with thru-holes and threaded holes to provide for easy attachment of almost any goBILDA® component. Importantly, the 14mm diameter protrusion of the integrated pillow block fits through the 14mm diameter holes of Mini Low-Side U-Channel. As a result, when you’re using this ServoBlock® with a goBILDA® 2000 Series Servo, its Hub-Shaft rises 8mm from the face of channel!


  Weight   35g (with Included Hardware)
  IP   Patented
  Included Hardware - M3 Screw   8mm Length M3 Screw (1 Screw)
  Included Hardware - M4 Screws   8mm Length M4 Screws (4 Screws)
  Included Hardware - Washers   4mm ID x 8mm OD Washers (4 Washers)