Light Phidget, LUX1000_0

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This light sensor measures from 188 μlux to 220 klux and connects to any VINT port.


This handly little sensor measures the amount of light shining on it, making it a perfect addition to automated systems that need to switch on at night or in low-light conditions. It has a wide measurement range from 188 microlux (starlight on a moonless night) to 220,000 lux (direct sunlight). It connects to a VINT Hub port with a Phidget cable.

Sensor Properties

Controlled By


Sensor Type


Light Sensor

Light Level Min

188 μlx

Light Level Max (5V)

220 klx

Light Resolution

188 μlx

Sampling Interval Min

125 ms/sample

Sampling Interval Max

60 s/sample

Electrical Properties

Current Consumption Max

* 500 μA

Current Consumption Min

20 μA

Physical Properties

Operating Temperature Min

-15 °C

Operating Temperature Max

70 °C