VINT Devices

A VINT Hub Port is a versatile interface that combines the functionality of analog inputs, digital inputs, and digital outputs. It uses the same connector type as Phidgets Analog Inputs, so you can use the same sensor cables that came with those sensors.


 The mode of each port can be selected in software by creating a new object and opening it on the desired port. This allows for maximum flexibility and ensures that you can make the most of the ports on your hub.

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  1. Clip-on Current Transducer 25A
    VCP4114_0 Clip-on Current Transducer 25A Product Code: VCP4114_0
    £20.81 £17.34
  2. ENC4107_0 Draw Wire Encoder (1.5m)
    ENC4107_0 Draw Wire Encoder (1.5m) Product Code: ENC4107_0
    £229.87 £191.56
  3. Draw Wire Encoder (1m)
    Draw Wire Encoder (1m) Product Code: ENC4118
    £198.29 £165.24
  4. pH Phidget
    pH Phidget Product Code: ADP1000_0
    £30.60 £25.50
  5. 8x Voltage Input Phidget
    8x Voltage Input Phidget Product Code: DAQ1000_0
    £24.48 £20.40
  6. 4x Voltage Input Phidget
    4x Digital Input Phidget Product Code: DAQ1200_0
    £14.69 £12.24
  7. 4x Isolated Digital Input Phidget
    4x Isolated Digital Input Phidget Product Code: DAQ1300_0
    £24.30 £20.25
  8. 16x Isolated Digital Input Phidge
    16x Isolated Digital Input Phidget Product Code: DAQ1301_0
    £64.26 £53.55
  9. Versatile Input Phidget
    Versatile Input Phidget Product Code: DAQ1400_0
    £24.48 £20.40
  10. Wheatstone Bridge Phidget
    Wheatstone Bridge Phidget Product Code: DAQ1500_0
    £36.44 £30.37
  11. DC Motor Phidget
    DC Motor Phidget Product Code: DCC1000_0
    £91.80 £76.50
  12. 2A DC Motor Phidget
    2A DC Motor Phidget Product Code: DCC1001_0
    £48.96 £40.80
  13. Control a single DC motor up to 4A with this compact and affordable Phidget DCC1002_0. Connects to a VINT port.
    4A DC Motor Phidget Product Code: DCC1002_0
    £47.52 £39.60
  14. 2x DC Motor Phidget
    2x DC Motor Phidget Product Code: DCC1003_0
    £72.90 £60.75
  15. Distance Phidget
    Distance Phidget Product Code: DST1000_0
    £36.72 £30.60
  16. Distance DST1001_0
    Distance DST1001_0 Product Code: DST1001_0
    £36.72 £30.60
  17. DST1200_0 Sonar Phidget
    DST1200_0 Sonar Phidget Product Code: DST1200_0
    £30.60 £25.50
  18. Quadrature Encoder Phidget
    Quadrature Encoder Phidget Product Code: ENC1000_0
    £18.36 £15.30
  19. 40 CPR Quadrature Encoder
    40 CPR Quadrature Encoder Product Code: ENC4109
    £12.24 £10.20 As low as £8.16
  20. Touch Keypad Phidget underside
    Touch Keypad Phidget Product Code: HIN1000_0
    £14.69 £12.24
  21. Touch Wheel Phidget top view
    Touch Wheel Phidget Product Code: HIN1001_0
    £18.36 £15.30
  22. Thumbstick Phidget
    Thumbstick Phidget Product Code: HIN1100_0
    £24.53 £20.44
  23. Dial Phidget
    Dial Phidget Product Code: HIN1101_0
    £18.36 £15.30
  24. 7-Port USB Hub
    7-Port USB Hub Product Code: HUB0003_0
    £61.20 £51.00
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