Touch Wheel Phidget, HIN1001_0

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Use this capacitive touch wheel and buttons as an intuitive user interface to your Phidgets system.

Need a user-friendly control panel for your Phidgets project? Look no further than the Touch Wheel Phidget. This user interface board uses capacitive touch technology, similar to the touchscreen on a smartphone. Capacitive touch sensors such as this can detect a touch through a piece of glass or plastic of up to 3mm thick, so you can hide this board inside an enclosure or behind a panel. The HIN1001 connects to a port on a VINT Hub.


This board has four touch buttons and one fully-functional scroll wheel pad. Whenever a button or the scroll wheel is initially touched, an event is fired in software, allowing you to react immediately to the change. The scroll wheel also generates an event whenever your finger's position changes as you slide it across the wheel. You can also adjust the sensitivity of the board to avoid missed touches or unintentional touches. 


Sensor Properties

Controlled By


Detecting Distance Max

5 mm

Sampling Interval Min

20 ms/sample

Sampling Interval Max

250 ms/sample

Electrical Properties

Current Consumption Min

20 μA

Current Consumption Max

2 mA

Physical Properties

Operating Temperature Min

-40 °C

Operating Temperature Max

85 °C

Sensitivity Settings

Sensitivity (0-1)Application0.8 - 1.0Behind up to 3mm of glass0.2Inside default enclosure