USB Audio Adapter, SBC4204_0

£18.36 £15.30

An adapter dongle for the SBC that enables audio input and output.


The USB to Audio Adapter provides stereo sound capability to the PhidgetSBC. The device plugs into the SBC's USB 2.0 port and does not require any external power.

The SBC will automatically recognize the Audio Adapter when it is plugged in because the software drivers are already included on the most recent SD card image for the SBC.

NOTE: For best performance, make sure you plug this adapter into one of the USB 2.0 ports, not a USB-On-The-Go port. For more information, see the User Guide tab.


I/O Communication Protocol USB 2.0

Physical Properties

Connectore Type USB Type-A (Male)
Headphone Jack Size 3.5mm
Microphone Jack Size 3.5mm