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Single Board Computer running Debian with 3 high-speed USB ports and 6 VINT ports. 512 MiB SDRAM and 16 GB SD Card.


The Phidget SBC4 is a Single Board Computer with six integrated VINT ports. If you've ever wanted your Phidgets to be further away from your desktop computer than a USB cable can reach, an SBC is the solution. The SBC4 has it's own small computer which can make your USB Phidgets and VINT devices available over your home network. You can include the SBC4 in your network by plugging it in via ethernet cable, or by connecting a wifi adapter to one of its USB ports.

The VINT SBC exposes an easy to use interface for setting up and running custom applications on-board. This allows the VINT SBC to operate autonomously, without the need for a graphical interface or a consistent remote connection.

The SBC4 is an embedded computer that runs Debian GNU/Linux. We provide full shell access via a built-in SSH server, access to the full Debian package repository, and all of the standard command line tools expected on a modern Linux system.

VINT Ports

With the Phidget SBC4, you can connect six devices and make them available over the network. Each VINT port can perform one of four roles: Communicating with an intelligent VINT Device, reading a 0-5V Voltage or ratiometric sensor, acting as a digital output, or reading switches as a digital input. Each port has a power and ground pin, so you can also use the ports to gain access to the SBC's 5V supply.

Plug in one of our many VINT-enabled Phidgets that perform a wide variety of functions. Control motors and LEDs, measure temperature or motion, or build a large scale system with many inputs and outputs.

USB Ports

With its three high-speed USB ports, you can connect a variety of useful devices: USB Phidgets, webcams, keyboards, wifi adapters, and more!

MicroSD Card

The SBC4 comes equipped with a MicroSD card port and 16GB card which gives you plenty of storage space and easy access to your progams and files. The card comes pre-loaded with the operating system and Phidgets drivers.


The HDMI port on the SBC4 gives it the capability to connect to a monitor to display its Linux terminal. Combined with a USB keyboard, you can type commands or provide program input directly without the need for remoting in via SSH.



Allwinner A20


Dual-Core ARM Cortex-A7

CPU Speed

**Up to 960 MHz


512 MiB

Boot Time

20 s

Ethernet Cable


Electrical Properties

Supply Voltage Min

6 V DC

Supply Voltage Max

30 V DC

Current Consumption Max

2 A

Current Consumption Min

100 μA

Available External Voltage

5 V DC

Available External Current

500 mA


Number of USB Ports


USB Speed

High Speed

Available Current per USB Port

500 mA


Number of VINT Ports


Power Jack

5.5x2.1mm, Center Positive

Operating Temperature Min

0 °C

Operating Temperature Max

70 °C

Voltage Inputs

Number of Voltage Inputs

6 (Shared)

Voltage Input Resolution

* 16 bit

Sensor Input Impedance

324 Ω

Input Voltage Min (DC)

0 V DC

Input Voltage Max (DC)

5 V DC

Voltage Input Noise

± 630 μV DC

Sampling Interval Max

60 s/sample

Sampling Interval Min

1 ms/sample

Digital Inputs

Number of Digital Inputs

6 (Shared)

Pull-up Resistance

124 kΩ

Low Voltage Max (True)

1 V DC

High Voltage Min (False)

1.8 V DC

High Voltage Trigger Length Min

3 ms

Low Voltage Trigger Length Min

3 ms

Digital Input Voltage Max

5.5 V DC

Digital Input Type

Switch (Active Low)

Digital Outputs

Number of Digital Outputs

6 (Shared)

Series Resistance

510 Ω

Digital Output Available Current

81 mA

Digital Output Voltage Min

0 V DC

Digital Output Voltage Max

3.3 V DC

PWM Frequency Max

50 kHz

PWM Resolution

0.8 %

*Voltage measured with a 10-bit ADC, oversampled to 16-bits.

**This processor supports dynamic frequency scaling, which lowers the clock speed to save power depending on processing load.