Niryo NED Robot Vacuum Pump Gripper, NIRYO_VAC_GRP

£138.00 £115.00

This is an optional extra vacuum gripper for the Nyrio NED.  It is designed to allow efficient  "pick and place" of objects with non-porous surfaces.

Ned is a collaborative 6-axis robot based on open-source technologies.

Exceptionally useful for:-

  • Education
  • Vocational training
  • Research laboratories

High quality - low cost robotics for learning at all levels


The vacuum pump gripper is for the NED Robot and is sold separately.

A vacuum pump gripper is a very efficient system for "pick and place" (moving objects). With this tool you can remove plastic lids from cans, move soda cans, or large objects with a flat, non-porous surface.

Most vacuum pumps make so much noise that it is impossible to work next to the robot. The pump developed by Niryo is different: it is quiet, but has the same efficiency as a normal vacuum pump, for the same price. A servomotor activates a syringe that will suck air to catch the object.

Main features:

  • Vacuum gripper for Non porous surface objects
  • Suitable for Plastic Lids, metal cans, flat packaging etc.
  • Efficient
  • Quiet operation
  • Very low tooing weight
  • Fits the Ned Robot Arm
Model  NIRYO_VAC_GRP - Niryo NED Robot Arm Vacuum Pump Gripper
Weight (end effector) 10g 
All up weight 170g
Max payload 300g
Picking distance from end effector base 47 mm
Vacuum Pump control Integrated XL320 Servo Motor
Power supply 7.6v
Vacuum tube dimention 20mm
Operating temperature  5 °C ~ 45 °C