Niryo NED Robot Arm Electromagnetic Gripper

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This is an optional extra gripper for the Nyrio NED.  It is designed to allow controlled magnetic gripping of ferrous objects.

Ned is a collaborative 6-axis robot based on open-source technologies.

Exceptionally useful for:-

  • Education
  • Vocational training
  • Research laboratories

High quality - low cost robotics for learning at all levels

The electromagnetic gripper is for the NED Robot and is sold separately.

With an electromagnet, Ned can easily pick up and put down small metal parts (several at a time), which may be impossible with other grippers, especially for very small parts (screws, washers, nuts, ...).

The adaptive gripper is sold alone.

Main features:

  • Flexible magnetic gripper for small ferrous components
  • Suitable for a variety of textures and surfaces
  • Good for screws, washers, nuts, etc
  • Can collect several items at a time
  • Fits the Ned Robot Arm
ModelNIRYO_MAG_GRP - Niryo NED Robot Arm Electromagnetic Gripper
Power supply5 V
Max operating Width20 mm
Picking distance from end effector base20 mm
Control interfaceDigital output
Operating temperature5 °C ~ 45 °C