DCM4103_0 42DMW61 NEMA17 Brushless Motor with 24:1 Gearbox

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This 8-pole BLDC gear motor can output 24.5kg-cm of torque at speeds of up to 166 RPM.

DCM4103_0 42DMW61 NEMA17 Brushless Motor with 24:1 Gearbox DCM4103_0 42DMW61 NEMA17 Brushless Motor with 24:1 Gearbox
Connection to a DCC1100 via VINT Hub
DCM4103_0 42DMW61 NEMA17 Brushless Motor with 24:1 Gearbox

The DCM4103 is a 24 volt brushless DC motor, generating 24 Kg-cm of torque at 166 RPM.

Brushless DC motors provide convenient position and velocity control through the use of their built in hall-effect sensor. They run quieter and last longer than their brushed counterparts. The 24:1 planetary gearbox on this motor results in higher torque at the cost of speed.

This motor must be controlled by a brushless DC motor controller that has the capability to both send control signals to the three motor wires, and also read the hall-effect feedback from the other five wires.

This diagram shows how to connect the motor wires to the controller.

Note: Because of the way this motor is built, you'll need to set negative P, I and D values when using the MotorPositionController object.

Note: Make sure to unplug the power cord from the motor controller before switching wires around.

Motor Properties

Motor Type

Brushless DC Motor

Number of Poles


Manufacturer Part Number


Output Power (Mechanical)

50 W

Rated Torque

24.5 kg·cm

Rated Speed

166 RPM

Electrical Properties

Rated Current

3.5 A

Rated Voltage

24 V DC

Coil Resistance

740 mΩ

Physical Properties

Shaft Diameter

8 mm

Mounting Plate Size


Operating Temperature Min

-20 °C

Operating Temperature Max

40 °C

Gearbox Properties

Gearbox Type

Planetary Gearbox

Gear Ratio

23 49/64 : 1


Comes Packaged with:

This motor comes with a 5-Pin molex connector soldered to the hall effect wires, and ferrules crimped onto the motor wires so it can quickly and easily be connected to the Brushless DC Motor Phidget as shown in the functional picture.

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