3338_0 Stepper Mounting Bracket (NEMA 17), 3338

£4.90 £4.08

This coated steel mounting bracket provides a simple means of attaching a NEMA-17 sized stepper motor to a flat surface.


It has two sets of mounting holes, so it can be attached to 36mm planetary gearboxes or mounted directly to the motor. It is also compatible with the gearbox end of the following DC motors:

  • 3265/3265E - 12V/0.5Kg-cm/670RPM 3.7:1 DC Gear Motor
  • 3266/3266E - 12V/1.9Kg-cm/175RPM 14:1 DC Gear Motor
  • 3267/3267E - 12V/6.6Kg-cm/49RPM 51:1 DC Gear Motor
  • 3268/3268E - 12V/17.3Kg-cm/18RPM 139:1 DC Gear Motor

Note:Nuts and screws not included.