Products in this category are designed to allow users to interface with you Phidgets program, by means of sliders, dials, joysticks, or touch sensors.

Touch sensors use capacitance to detect contact with a finger or any material that changes the capacitance near the surface of the sensor, just like a modern touchscreen. Many capacitive touch sensors can sense a change in capacitance without a direct touch, enabling the sensor to be hidden behind a thin layer of a non-conducting material such as glass, plastic, or paper. This makes them ideal for touch panels to control your program.

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  1. 1016_0 Phidget Circular Touch
    1016_0 Phidget Circular Touch Product Code: 1016
    £48.96 £40.80 As low as £42.18
  2. Phidgets Touch Sensor
    1129_1 Touch Sensor Product Code: 1129_1
    £12.38 £10.32 As low as £11.98
  3. 1145_0   5V to ±12V Sensor Adapter
    1145_0 5V to ±12V Sensor Adapter Product Code: 1145
    £13.46 £11.22
  4. Touch Keypad Phidget underside
    Touch Keypad Phidget Product Code: HIN1000_0
    £14.69 £12.24
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