Touch Keypad Phidget, HIN1000_0

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This Phidget is a smart device that must be controlled by a VINT Hub. Use this array of capactive touch buttons as a unique way to control your Phidgets.

For a seamless user input solution that differs from the ordinary pushbutton, try the Touch Keypad Phidget. It works like a smartphone's touchscreen, sensing the change in capacitance as you finger comes near. As such, you can place the Touch Keypad Phidget behind up to 3mm of glass or plastic, allowing you to enclose the hardware to make the panel child-friendly and aesthetically pleasing.


With seven capacitive touch regions, you can assign different functions to each with events in our API. You can also detect the proximity of a finger before contact is made, and you can adjust the sensitivity to improve performance in your application.

If an object stays on a region for sixty seconds, the board will recalibrate and ignore that object until it is removed. This feature prevents regions from being locked by unintentional objects like dirt or debris.

Sensor Properties

Controlled By


Calibration Time

45 s

Sampling Interval Max 

1 s/sample

Sampling Interval Min

25 ms/sample

Detecting Distance Max

5 mm

Electrical Properties

Current Consumption Max

* 3.6 mA

Current Consumption Min

50 μA

Physical Properties

Operating Temperature Min

-40 °C

Operating Temperature Max

85 °C

* Current consumption varies with data interval. See the technical section of the user guide for details.

Sensitivity Settings

Sensitivity (0-1) 


0.8 - 1.0 

Behind up to 3mm of glass 


Inside default enclosure