Attollo Palletiser

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The complete palletising solution.

  • Small footprint

  • Portable

  • Use for multiple lines

  • Use for multiple products

  • Quick to relocate within your facillity

  • Any pallet layout

Atollo Palletiser

The Attollo Palletiser by Active8 Robots has been designed with flexibility in mind and represents the next generation in agility, with a small footprint and portable palletising design.

The Attollo system consists of a light-weight six degree of freedom robot arm  and an added seventh axis, that transports products presented to the infeed conveyor onto a variety of pallet formats. All of this capability is safely encased within a fully enclosed portable cell.

The system incorporates a vacuum picking head that handles a wide variety of box types, additionally custom tooling can be developed for special use cases where required.

The unit can quickly be unlocked and repositioned on other lines / locations to maximise its versatility. to help you achieve automation of mundane and non-ergonomic tasks, reducing manual handling risk and freeing up your people to perform more added value work, i.e. make money not cost it.

Easy programming

  • Simple touchscreen interface

  • No robotics expertise required

  • Program a new SKU in a few simple steps

Easy installation

  • Wheel into place, plug in and go

  • Unplug and move to a new line any time

  • Mobile unit comes with its own certified safety cell

Flexible use cases

  • Any number of different products and pallet layouts

  • Wide Range of box weights and dimensions

  • Continued operation while pallet being changed

Attollo Palletiser

Average Speed*8-12/min*
Max Box Mass** 8Kg
Max pallet stack height1.8mtrs
Min Ceiling height2.4mtrs
Max pallet size1.2mtrs X 1mtr
RobotUR10e lightweight 6 axis robot
Z-slide Precision linear slide
HMIIndustrial touchscreen PCHMI Industrial touchscreen PC
Compressed air***6 bar min, oil free, pipe connection
PowerSingle phase 16A 23V AC Standard UK
Box sizeMinimum 100 x 100 x 100mm
Box sizeMaximum 400 x 500 x 600mm
Control Circuit24v DC
Safety featuresFully light guarded entry, safety cell CE certified

*Depends on box weight, dimensions, surface, pallet dimensions and layouts
**Higher weights with additional development
***Built in air supply upgrade available

Attollo Palletiser

Indicative cycle times of 8-10 sec are to be expected.  Speed will vary from case to case based on distance travelled to the putdown location and the weights involved.

Illustrative product throughput rates are therefore as follows:

  • Single picks at 6 – 7.5 units per minute

  • Double picks at 12 – 15 units per minute

  • Triple picks at 18 – 22.5 per minute

  • Quadruple picks at 24 – 30 per minute

Where possible Active8 Robots request that they have 1 or 2 pallets of your product to calibrate the palletiser prior to delivery.