Robotiq Palletising Solution, RPS-001-SOL

Robotiq Palletising Solution, simplicity meets flexibility

Quick to receive, quick to install, quick to set-up.

Open the box, and the hardware and software is already connected. Plan your set-up in just three steps directly on the robot control device.

  • All you need to make a Universal Robot palletise
  • Small footprint, fits easily within your existing floor plan
  • Powerful software to make programming easy
  • Super fast payback
  • Supported by a team of experts

Robotiq Palletising Solution

Ease-of-use is redefined with the Robotiq Palletizing Solution. Open the box, and the hardware and
software is already connected. Plan your set-up in just three steps directly on the robot control device. The Robotiq Palletising Solution kit has been designed utilising the very best collaborative robot components on the market, to help you achieve automation of mundane and non-ergonomic tasks, reducing manual handeling risk and freeing up your people to perform more added value work, i.e. make money not cost it.

Easy programming

  • Plug & Play

  • Control from your robot controller

  • 3 Step ready to go programming

Easy installation

  • No robotics expertise required

  • Powerful intuitive software for easy programming

  • Supported by a team of experts

Flexible use cases

  • Wide Range of box weights and dimensions

  • Pallet layouts to suit your needs

  • Fast palletising with twin pallet positions for continuous operation

Robotiq Bin Picking Kit

Max box weight
Up to 8kg Up to 17.5 lbs
Max box throughput Up to 13 boxes / min*  
Min box dimensions 50 mm x 50 mm x 50 mm 2 x 2 x 2 in
Pallet dimensions - width From 300 mm to 1016 mm From 12 to 40 in
Pallet dimensions - depth From 300 mm to 1219 mm From 12 to 48 in
Pallet height (empty) Min 25 mm Min 2 in
Pallet height (filled) Max 2200 mm Max 87 in
Max number of box patterns 2 per pallet  


*Depends on box weight, dimensions, surface, pallet dimensions and layouts

Robotiq Palletising Solution

This kit comprises of high quality components and software supported by training and automation experts 

  • Robot Base

  • Fully Integrated Vertical 7th Axis

  • AirPick, Bracket, Suction Cups

  • Status Lights, Pallet and Box Sensors

  • Cable Management System

  • Application Software; Material Handling Copilot