3332_0 57STH56 NEMA-23 Bipolar Stepper with 4.25:1 Gearbox, 3332

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This NEMA-23 motor has an integrated Planetary gearbox with a 41/4 :1 ratio. It comes with the rear shaft exposed, so you can mount an encoder or shaft coupler.


At the output of the gearbox, the step angle is approximately 0.42°. When using the step angle in calculations, you should derive the exact step angle by dividing 1.8° by the gearbox reduction ratio.

The 3332 stepper motor connects to a bipolar motor controller such as the 1067 - PhidgetStepper Bipolar HC.

The following diagram shows how to connect the motor wires to the board connectors to produce a clockwise rotation in the stepper motor when increasing position. To wire for counter-clockwise rotation when increasing position, reverse the red and blue wires.

Note: Make sure to unplug the power cord from the motor controller before switching wires around.

The rear shaft of this motor can be equipped with the HKT22 Optical Encoder for applications where you need to keep track of the exact position, velocity, or acceleration of the motor.

Motor Properties
Motor Type Bipolar Stepper
Manufacturer Part Number 57STH56-2804B / 56JXS300K4.25
Step Angle 0.42°
Step Accuracy ± 5 %
Holding Torque 53 kg·cm
Rated Torque 46.6 kg·cm
Maximum Speed (w/1067 Motor Controller) 165 RPM


Electrical Properties

Recommended Voltage 24 V DC
Rated Current 2.8 A
Coil Resistance 900 mΩ
Phase Inductance 2.5 mH


Physical Properties

Shaft Diameter 12 mm
Rear Shaft Diameter 3.9 mm
Mounting Plate Size NEMA - 23
Weight 1.2 kg
Number of Leads 4
Wire Length 300 mm


Gearbox Properties

Gearbox Type Planetary
Gear Ratio 4 14 : 1
Backlash Error 1 12°
Maximum Strength of Gears 90 kg·cm
Shaft Maximum Axial Load 100 N
Shaft Maximum Radial Load 250 N