3266_1 12V/1.94Kg-cm/175RPM 14:1 DC Gear Motor, 3266

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This DC motor has a 14:1 gearbox, a rated speed of 175 RPM and rated torque of 1.94 Kg·cm.

  • 8mm Shaft

The 3266 is a 12 volt gear motor, generating 1.94 Kg-cm of torque at 175 RPM. Since this motor has a lower power output for its size, you can expect it to have a longer lifespan than other motors.

The planetary gearbox on this motor is more sophisticated than a typical spur gearbox and will provide greater efficiency, higher torque, and quieter motor operation.

This revision of the 3266_1 has had its rear shaft and mounting holes changed to be compatible with the 3531 - Optical Rotary Encoder HKT22

Motor Properties

Motor Type

DC Motor

Output Power (Mechanical)

3.8 W

Rated Speed

175 RPM

Rated Torque

1.9 kg·cm

Stall Torque

12.9 kg·cm

Electrical Properties

Rated Voltage

12 V DC

Rated Current

650 mA

Stall Current

2.4 A

Physical Properties

Shaft Diameter

8 mm

Wire Length

350 mm


464 g

Gearbox Specifications

Gearbox Type


Gear Ratio

13 212289 : 1

Number of Gear Trains


Maximum Strength of Gears

30 kg·cm

Shaft Maximum Axial Load

50 N

Shaft Maximum Radial Load

35 N

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