1046_0B Phidget Bridge 4-Input

£110.16 £91.80

This board is needed to measure the output from a load cell. You can connect up to four load cells or strain gauges.


The PhidgetBridge lets you connect up to 4 un-amplified Wheatstone bridges, such as:

  • Strain gauges
  • Compression load cells
  • Pressure sensors/Barometers
  • Piezoresistive accelerometers
  • Magnetoresistive sensors (Compasses)

The data rate and gain values can be configured in software.

USB Voltage4.5 – 5.25VDC
USB Current500mA
USB Quiescent Current35mA
Total Current available to Bridge Outputs465mA
Recommended wire size16 – 26AWG
Differential Voltage resolution per channel24 bits
Data Rates (affects all channels)8ms to 1000ms in 8ms increments
Gain Settings (affects all channels)1, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128
Input Current (Max)±3nA
Operational Input Voltage RangeGND + 0.25V to 5V Supply – 0.25V
Operating Temperature0 - 70°C