Wheatstone Bridge Phidget, DAQ1500_0

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Measure up to 2 load cells or Wheatstone Bridge-based sensors with this input module. Connects to a VINT port..

Bridge-based sensors are are a common type of resistive sensor that produce a very small voltage drop. Load cells, strain gauges, pressure sensors, and piezoelectric sensors are all examples of sensors that usually operate in this way.


In order to measure these tiny voltage changes, you need a Wheatstone bridge input. The Wheatstone Bridge Phidget uses a high-resolution ADC to to read up to two of these signals and plugs into any VINT port

Accurate and Adjustable

This board is equipped with a 24-bit analog to digital converter, resulting in accurate measurements at resolutions as high as 59.6 µV/V. The bridge gain can be changed in software to 1, 2, 64, or 128, allowing you to get the best resolution for the range of the sensor you use. An error event will be launched whenever the measurement value saturates, so your program can dynamically change the gain when necessary.


Controlled By


Number of Bridge Inputs


Bridge Inputs

Bridge Voltage Resolution

59.6 nV/V

Sampling Interval Max 

60 s/sample

Sampling Interval Min

20 ms/sample

Bridge Current Max

50 mA

Input Voltage Limit Min

Ground + 0.25V DC

Input Voltage Limit Max

5V Supply - 0.25V DC

Electrical Properties

Current Consumption Min

25 μA

Current Consumption Max

*bridge current plus 1.5 mA

Physical Properties

Recommended Wire Size

16 - 26 AWG

Operating Temperature Min

-40 °C

Operating Temperature Max

85 °C

* - The extra 1.5mA of current consumption varies depending on the data interval selected. See the technical section of the User Guide for details. Additional gain-sensitive specifications can also be found there.