3400_1 USB to Serial Converter, 3400

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The USB to Serial Converter Cable is ideal for connecting RS232 devices to any of the PhidgetSBC's USB ports.

The SBC will automatically recognize the Converter when it is plugged in and will create a serial port for it.


Be aware that the 3400 and any serial devices connected to it are not "Phidgets devices" and therefore cannot be accessed or controlled by the Phidgets' APIs. Using this product requires a working knowledge of Linux.

Warning: This device is not compatible with Windows 8.

Product Features

  • USB-A Male to RS232-DB9 Male
  • Full compliance with USB v1.1 specifications
  • 1Mbps data transfer rate
  • Cable length 960mm
  • Current Consumtion Max: 32mA
Chip Set Prolific PL-2303
USB Connector Type A Male
Serial Connector RS-232 DB-9 Male
USB Compliance V1.1(0) and USB CDC v1.1
Data Transfer Rate Over 1Mbps
Data Buffer 96 bytes buffer each for upstream and downstream data flow
Power Draws Power from USB Bus
Remote wake-up and Power Management
Connectivity Automatic handshake mode