Streak R/C All Terrain Robot Kit

£135.38 £112.82

Streak is a outdoor robot with 4 High Torque DC Geared motors and High quality 10 CM wheels.


The robot has a payload capacity of 7 KG weight on flat surfaces, and up to 3 KG on rough terrain. The robot is controlled through Rhino Robot controller board which is powered by AVR Atmega16A microcontroller, its completely expandable and can be connected to multiple boards, and sensors with ease.

The board comes with USB bootloader so that it can be programmed through PC easily. Any standard laptop can be easily strapped over the robot. The laptop can communicate with robot board through the USB port and program/control the robot.

  • 1 X High Strength PVC alloy unbreakable body
  • 4 X High Torque DC Geared Motor 300RPM
  • 4 X Tracked wheel large 10cm
  • 1 X Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery Pack 11.1V 4500mAh
  • 1 X Rhino Robot Control Board (With USB Bootloader for programming)
  • All screws, nuts, connecting wires etc