SRF10 Ultrasonic Sensor, SRF10

£30.60 £25.50

The SRF10 is a minature ultrasonic range finder which offers a wide sensing range from 3 cm to 6 m


Communication with the SRF10 ultrasonic rangefinder is via the I²C bus. This is available on popular controllers such as AVR and OOBoard, as well as a wide variety of micro-controllers.

Voltage - 5v only required

Current - 15mA Typ. 3mA Standby.

Frequency - 40KHz

Range - 6cm - 6m.

Max Analogue Gain - Variable 40 to 700 in 16 steps.

Connection - Standard I2C Bus.

Timing - Fully timed echo, freeing host controller of task. Units -

Range reported in uS, cm or inches.

Small Size - 32mm x 15mm x 10mm height.