Prop Plug, 32201

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The Prop Plug and Prop Clip each provide a USB-to-serial port connection that is convenient for microcontroller programming and communication.

These tiny devices are capable of asynchronous communication at up to 3 M baud with both 3.3-volt and 5.0-volt devices such as the Propeller and BASIC Stamp. The Prop Plug slips onto a 4-pin, 0.1" spaced header, allowing both PCB's and breadboards to provide in-circuit programming capability. Use the Prop Clip if programming with fewer components via a PCB edge connector is desired.


  • USB to serial port conversion 
  • Capable of asynchronous communication up to 3 M baud
  • Compatible with 3.3 and 5 V microcontrollers 
  • Connects to a 4-pin, 0.1" spaced header

Kit Contents:

  • Prop Clip
  • USB A to Mini B Retractable Cable