PhidgetSpatial Precision 3/3/3, MOT0110_0

£121.50 £101.25

This spatial board has a 3-axis accelerometer, gyroscope and compass with high resolution readings at low magnitudes.


The PhidgetSpatial Precision 3/3/3 combines the functionality of a 3-axis compass, a 3-axis gyroscope, and a 3-axis accelerometer all in one convenient package. You can use the Spatial channel to use all three sensors with the AHRS or IMU algorithms to get motion data in quaternions for accurate spatial tracking. Or, you can use the data from each of these sensors separately to measure tilt, vibration or rotation of an object.

This PhidgetSpatial also features a temperature stabilization circuit to warm the sensors to a constant 50°C to minimize temperature effects.


  • 3-axis accelerometer (±16g)
  • 3-axis gyroscope (±2000°/s)
  • 3-axis magnetometer (±8G)
  • Accurate timestamp for plotting or advanced calculations
  • Built-in support for AHRS and IMU algorithms
  • Built-in heater for temperture stabilization up to 50°C
  • Versatile connection via USB or VINT



Acceleration Measurement Max

± 16 g

Acceleration Measurement Resolution

30 μg

Acceleration Bandwidth

250 Hz

Accelerometer Noise (@ 1ms)

± 3 mg

Accelerometer Noise (@ 10ms)

± 1.5 mg

Accelerometer Noise (@ 100ms)

± 200 μg

Accelerometer Drift Max

2 mg

Accelerometer Bias (+15 to +30°C)

5 mg

Accelerometer Bias (Stabilized at 50°C)

1 mg


Gyroscope Angular Rate Max

± 2000°/s

Gyroscope Resolution


Gyroscope Noise (@ 1ms)

± 0.2°/s

Gyroscope Noise (@ 10ms)

± 0.05°/s

Gyroscope Noise (@ 100ms)

± 0.015°/s

Gyroscope Drift Max


Gyroscope Bias (+15 to +30°C)


Gyroscope Bias (Stabilized at 50°C)



Magnetic Field Max

± 8 G

Magnetometer Resolution

1.5 mG

Magnetometer Noise (@ 10ms)

± 10 mG

Magnetometer Noise (@ 50ms)

± 5 mG

Magnetometer Noise (@ 100ms)

± 2.5 mG


Controlled By


API Object Name

Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Magnetometer, Spatial, TemperatureSensor

Current Consumption Max

60 mA

Current Consumption Max (Heating Enabled)

450 mA

Sampling Speed Min

1 s/sample

Sampling Speed Max

* 1 ms/sample

USB Voltage Min

4.1 V DC

USB Voltage Max

5.3 V DC

USB Speed

Full Speed

Operating Temperature Min

-40 °C

Operating Temperature Max

85 °C