Petoi Nybble Robot Cat

Petoi Nybble Robot Cat, Petoi Nybble Robot Cat

£398.40 £332.00
  • Petoi Nybble Robotic Cat V2 (Un-assembled)
  • Nybble V2 includes a rechargeable Li-Ion Battery providing 70 Min of playing time
  • Build your own robot cat with a screw-free interlocking puzzle frame (needs assembly)
  • Explore real-world with programmable maneuverabilities
  • Open source - extensible and customizable
  • Hands-on experiences - learn STEM and robotics
  • Petoi Controller App available for iOs & Android
  • Ages: 14+

The Petoi Nybble Robotic Cat V2 (Un-assembled) is the lightest and fastest robotic cat that really walks. Built on an open-source platform, Nybble has endless possibilities in the way you can "teach" tricks, behaviors, and CAT-itude as you program it and help it grow. You can even mount a Raspberry Pi to help Nybble think!


Introducing Nybble, an open-source robotic cat designed for STEM enthusiasts and programmers. This versatile kit offers extensive programming capabilities, supporting languages like C++, Python, and Scratch-like block coding. Nybble's compatibility with Raspberry Pi and Arduino ecosystems allows for expansion and customization.

Assembling Nybble's frame takes around four hours, with no soldering required for basic functions, though attention to detail is crucial. After assembly, configuration is done through Arduino IDE or user-friendly Petoi mobile/desktop apps, making it accessible to those with coding experience.

Choose between Nybble V1 (battery not included) and Nybble V2 (includes rechargeable Li-Ion battery for 70 minutes of playtime). With 11 degrees of freedom, Nybble can perform basic actions like sitting, stretching, and balancing, but you can also program it for unique behaviors.

NyBoard, an Arduino-compatible motion controller, forms Nybble's core, allowing for Arduino and IoT programming, offering customization options for various robotic creatures. Nybble is an educational and entertaining tool for exploring robotics and coding, suitable for all skill levels.