Cytron MD20A 20Amp 6V-30V DC Motor Driver, MD20A

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The MD20A enables bidirectional control of one high-power brushed DC motor from 6V to 30V. With discrete NMOS H-Bridge design, this motor driver is able to support 20Amp continuously without any heatsink. The module does not require an additional Arduino type controller, the controller can be controlled by means of buttons on the board.


Single-channel DC motor controller based on MOSFET transistors. Enables control of motor speed through PWM channel. Continuous current per channel is 20 A (momentary 60 A). Supply voltage from 6 V to 30 V.

The module does not require an additional Arduino type controller, the controller can be controlled by means of buttons on the board.

Cytron MD20A can be controlled via PWM and DIR inputs. Logic voltage ranges from 1.8 V to 12 V and is compatible with most controllers such as Arduino, RaspberryPi, PLC.

The module also has overcurrent protection to protect the controller from damage when the motor stops or when a motor is too big. In case the motor tries to draw more current, the controller limits it to the maximum. The controller also has protection against too high a temperature. If the board temperature increases, the current limit is limited.


Warning! The controller does not have protection against reverse polarity, pay special attention to the way of connecting the module power supply.

  • Bidirectional control for one brushed DC motor.
  • Operating Voltage: DC 6V to 30V
  • Maximum Motor Current: 20A continuous, 60A peak
  • Buttons for quick testing.
  • LEDs for motor output state.
  • PWM and DIR inputs.
  • Inputs compatible with 1.8V, 3.3V, 5V and 12V logic (Arduino, Raspberry Pi, PLC, etc).
  • PWM frequency up to 20kHz (Output frequency is same as input frequency).
  • Compatible with sign-magnitude and locked-antiphase PWM operation.
  • Overcurrent protection with active current limiting.
  • Temperature protection.
  • Undervoltage shutdown.