L293D Secret Motor Driver Kit, KSMD

£14.70 £12.25

The Secret L293D motor driver kit replaces the guts of a standard servo and turns it into tidy gear motor with a built in motor driver!


Want to turn a servo into a more powerful gear motor?

The Secret Motor Driver Kit replaces the guts of a standard servo with a logic-signal friendly L293D motor driver chip!

The SGS Thompson L293D is configured to provide up to 1.2A and 36V - much higher than what a standard servo electronics are designed for! This kit is tucked inside a standard servo body, like our GM4 clear servo gear motor.

The indicator LEDs on the kit also make for a cool lightshow in the clear servo case, or as part of a breadboard-mounted motor driver. Don't want to drive a servo? We don't blame you!

Use the Secret Motor Driver to power any of our gear motors!