K-Type Probe Thermocouple 20cm

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This stainless steel probe type thermocouple is easy to install and plugs into a Phidgets thermocouple board.


Measure -40 to 400°C with this stainless steel K-type thermocouple probe. Since the end of the thermocouple is enclosed, it is ideal for measuring liquids. The thermocouple junction is ungrounded, meaning it is isolated from the outer sheath and more resistant to environmental noise.

If you need to fix it to a panel or mount it inside an enclosure, have a look at the HDW4100 - 1/8" Mounting Nut or the HDW4101 - M12 Mounting Nut.

Temperature Sensor
Thermocouple TypeK
Probe TypeImmersion (Ungrounded)
Ambient Temperature Min-40ºC
Ambient Temperature Max400ºC
Ambient Temperature Min (Momentary)-40ºC
Ambient Temperature Max (Momentary)1000ºC
Ambient Temperature Error Max3.3ºC
Physical Properties
Cable Length1m
Probe Diameter3.2mm
Cable Diameter3mm
Probe MaterialStainless Steel