IR Remote Parts Kit

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With a universal remote and an infrared receiver, you can add a wireless keypad to your BASIC Stamp® applications.
IR Remote Parts Kit
IR Remote Parts Kit
The parts in this kit along with the example programs make it possible to enter values and control your projects in the same way you might with a TV, VCR, or other entertainment system component. Several applications and sample code for all BASIC Stamp models are included. For an in-depth guide to adding infrared remote control to your Boe-Bot robot, see the IR Remote for the Boe-Bot Parts & Text kit.
  • 020-00001 - Universal Remote with manufacturer manual
  • 350-00014 - IR detector
  • 150-02210 - 220 ohm Resistor
  • 800-00016 - Jumper wires (bag of 10)
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