IR Remote Parts Kit, 29122

£19.76 £16.47

With a universal remote and an infrared receiver, you can add a wireless keypad to your BASIC Stamp® applications.


The parts in this kit along with the example programs make it possible to enter values and control your projects in the same way you might with a TV, VCR, or other entertainment system component. Several applications and sample code for all BASIC Stamp models are included. For an in-depth guide to adding infrared remote control to your Boe-Bot robot, see the IR Remote for the Boe-Bot Parts & Text kit.

  • 020-00001 - Universal Remote with manufacturer manual
  • 350-00014 - IR detector
  • 150-02210 - 220 ohm Resistor
  • 800-00016 - Jumper wires (bag of 10)