HOKUYO URG-04LX Robotics Laser

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The HOKUYO URG-04LX is a state of the art laser range finder is suitable for next generation intelligent robots with an autonomous system and privacy security.

Suitable for autonomous service robots as a means of environment, and self-position recognition.

  • Indoor Environment

HOKUYO URG-04LX Robotics Laser
HOKUYO URG-04LX Robotics Laser

The Hokuyo URG-04LX Scanning laser range finder is a compact, affordable and accurate laser scanner designed for robotic applications. The URG-04LX is able to report ranges from 20mm to 4000mm (1mm resolution) in a 240° arc (0.36° angular resolution).

Its power consumption, 5V 500ma, makes it the natural choice for battery operated vehicles. The URG-04LX is supplied with diagnostic software and sensor cable.

  • High accuracy, high resolution and wide angle which provide the best solution for autonomous robots moving in the unknown environment.
  • Compact size allows more designing freedom.
  • Light weight and low power consumption contribute to the long time operations.
  • No influence by how bright the environment will be.
  • Excellent performance in darkness.
  • Recognizing human body's size and position without invading their privacy.
  • Low cost high performance laser
  • Low power consumption 2.5W
  • Power source 5Vdc @ 500mA
  • High accuracy ± 10mm
  • 240° Scanning area
  • High resolution 0.36°
  • Compact L:50, W:50, H70mm
  • Light weight 160g
  • RS232 & USB connections
  • Range 20 to 4000mm


Model Number URG-04LX
Power Source 5VDC±5%*1
Current Consumption 60 to 4095mm (white paper with 70mm2)
Measuring area 20 to 5600mm (white paper with 70mm×70mm), 240°
Accuracy (Repeatability) 60 to 1,000mm : ±10mm 1,000 to 4,095mm : 1% of measurement (70mm2 white paper)
Angular resolution Step angle : approx. 0.36° (360°/1,024 steps)
Light source Semiconductor laser diode (λ=785nm), Laser safety class 1 (IEC60825-1, 21 CFR 1040.10 & 1040.11)
Scanning Time 100ms/scan
Noise 25dB or less
Interface USB, RS-232C (19.2k, 57.6k, 115.2k, 250k, 500k, 750kbps), NPN open-collector (synchronous output of optical scanner : 1 pce)
Communication specifications Exclusive command
Ambient temperature/humidity -10 to +50 degrees C, 85% or less (Not condensing, not icing)
Vibration resistance 10 to 55Hz, double amplitude 1.5mm Each 2 hour in X, Y and Z directions
Impact resistance 196m/s2, Each 10 time in X, Y and Z directions
Weight Approx. 160g
Accessory Cable for power?communication/input?output (1.5m) 1 pce, D-sub connector with 9 pins 1 pce*2


*1 Sensor will not operate with USB bus power. Prepare power source separately.

*2 USB cable and fitting metal don't provide.

Note: This sensor is designed for indoor use only

External Dimensions

URG-04LX External Dimensions

*Power source - RS232C - Synchronous Output

Input/Output Circuit

Input (IN1 to IN3) Output (OUT1 to OUT3)
Input (IN1 to IN3) Output (OUT1 to OUT3)


PIN NO Signals Colours
1 N.C. Red
2 N.C White
3 OUTPUT (Synchronous output) Black
4 GND (5th pin of 9-pin, D-sub connector) Purple
5 RxD (3rd pin of 9-pin, D-sub connector) Yellow
6 TxD (2nd pin of 9-pin, D-sub connector) Green
7 0V Blue
8 DC5V Brown


Note: It is short-circuited between GND for communication and 0V inside

. CN2

USB-miniB (5pin)


Environmental recognition
by autonomic robot
Environmental recognition by autonomic robot

Invader detection for buildings

Invader detection for buildings
Automatic doors/Analyzing of
human behavioral characteristic
Automatic doors/Human behavioral characteristic
Obstacle detection for AGV

Obstacle detection for AGV
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