FEETECH Standard Servo FS5103B, 3424POL

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The FS5103B is a general-purpose, low-cost standard analog servo from FEETECH. Two ball bearings help reduce friction and improve performance. Servo horns and associated hardware are included.

This servo can work with both 5 V and 3.3 V servo signals.

Key specs at 6 V: 0.16 sec/60°, 53 oz-in (3.8 kg-cm), 40 g

  • Horn gear spline - 25 Teeth


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The FS5103B is a general-purpose standard-size analog servo from FEETECH. The output shaft is supported by two ball bearings for reduced friction. The FS5103B works with standard RC servo pulses, providing a running angle of approximately 180° over a servo pulse range of 600 µs to 2400 µs, and it has a 12″ (30 cm) cable that is terminated with a standard JR-style connector, which is Futaba-compatible. 

For more advanced robotics applications, please note that we also carry a version of this servo that is specially modified to provide access to the feedback potentiometer through a fourth (green) wire, which lets you monitor the actual position of the servo from your controller:

General specifications

Size: 40.8 × 20.1 × 38 mm
Weight: 40g
Digital?:   N
Speed @ 6V:   0.16 sec/60°
Stall torque @ 6V:   3.8 kg·cm
Speed @ 4.8V:   0.18 sec/60°
Stall torque @ 4.8V:   3 kg·cm
Lead length:   12 in
Hardware included?:   Y
  • Datasheet for the FEETECH Standard Servo FS5103B (133k pdf)

    Note: while this datasheet lists the 6 V stall torque as 3.2 kg*cm, Feetech has since revised this to 3.8 kg*cm based on more recent measurements (this is also more in line with their listed 4.8 V stall torque of 3.0 kg*cm).