Draw Wire Encoder (1m), ENC4118

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Like a digital tape measure, this 1m draw wire encoder measures the length of wire pulled out of it.


In complex mechanical systems, it is often very difficult to accurately measure the movement of a single part, especially if the linear alignment isn't guaranteed to be perfect. The draw wire encoder is a versatile solution to this very problem. When the wire is pulled out, the encoder produces a quadrature signal to describe the change in distance.


  • High resolution: Measure changes as small as 10µm
  • Easy to use: Plugs directly into any Phidgets encoder interface
  • Spring loaded reel automatically retracts and spools without tangling
  • Index channel pulses every 10cm, allowing for precise position homing

Product Specifications

Encoder Properties

Manufacturer Part Number


Output Circuit Type


Draw Wire Resolution

10 μm

Wire Pull Length

1 m

Electrical Properties

Supply Voltage Max

5 V DC

Current Consumption Max

120 mA

Physical Properties

Wire Load Maximum

500 g

Wire Pull Speed Max

300 mm/s


400 g

Operating Temperature Min

-25 °C

Operating Temperature Max

85 °C

Screw Thread Size


IP Rating