DCC1100_0 Brushless DC Motor Controller

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Control a brushless DC motor from your VINT Hub. The hall effect input enables easy position and velocity control.

DCC1100_0  Brushless DC Motor Phidget DCC1100_0 Dimensions
DCC1100_0  Brushless DC Motor Phidget

The DCC1100 requires an 8-30V DC power supply and can control one brushless DC motor. The motor must have hall-effect feedback for this controller to function. The DCC1100 has a 5-pin Molex connector to interface with the motor's hall-effect output. This Phidget connects to your computer through a VINT Hub.


  • Control motor velocity, acceleration, and braking strength - Forward and reverse
  • Set a specific target position
  • Monitor Temperature - Your program can react to changes in controller temperature.

Technical Details:

  • Isolation - The VINT port on this device is isolated, improving reliability and eliminating ground loops
  • Overcurrent Protection - Onboard fuse to protect the controller in an over-current event
  • Overheating Protection - A built-in heatsink prevents overheating
  • Failsafe Protection - Set the device to turn off automatically if your program becomes unresponsive.

Board Properties

Controlled By


Electrical Properties

Supply Voltage Min

8 V DC

Supply Voltage Max

30 V DC

Current Consumption (Unconfigured)

(VINT Port) 500 μA

Current Consumption Max

(VINT Port) 650 μA

Replacement Fuse

20A Slow Blow Blade Type, Standard or Micro

Continuous Motor Current Max

20 A

Controller Properties

Motor Type

Brushless DC

Number of Motor Ports


Velocity Resolution

0.003 Duty Cycle

Hall-Effect Sensor

Hall-Effect Voltage

5 V DC

Physical Properties

Operating Temperature Min

-40 °C

Operating Temperature Max

85 °C

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