DC Solid State Relay - 30V 100A

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This SSR switches up to 30VDC/100amp and connects to a PhidgetInterfaceKit 0/16/16 or OUT1100.


The 3952 DC Solid State Relay can be used to switch loads of up to 100A at 30VDC using the digital output from a OUT1100 - 4x Digital Output Phidget. The Relay comes with an optional protective cover to protect people from touching the exposed high power wires, and a diode to protect your SSR from harmful transients. All wires connect to this relay by screw terminals. If you are switching a high power load or find the relay is getting hot, please consider a heat sink. Heat sinks 3955 and 3956 are designed for use with this relay.

Electrical Properties

Relay Output Type


Isolation Method


Dielectric Strength

2.5 kV AC

Control Voltage Min

4 V DC

Control Voltage Max

32 V DC

Load Voltage Max (DC)

30 V DC

Load Current Min

20 mA

Load Current Max (DC)

100 A

Load Surge Current

240 A

Turn-on Time Max

1 ms

Turn-off Time Max

0.5 ms

Physical Properties


58 mm


45 mm


25 mm

Operating Temperature Min

-30 °C

Operating Temperature Max

80 °C