Cytron MDDRC10 Driver for DC 10A 7V-30V motors (two-channels)

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Building a RC vehicle or mobile robot without any microcontroller? The MDDRC10 is what you need! It's plug and play and can be connected directly to the RC receiver. No coding or programming is needed. 


Dual channel DC motor controller with supply voltage from 7 V to 30 V. Continuous current consumption per channel is 10 A, and momentary 30 A. When the controller is switched on, an automatic calibration takes place. In addition, the controller module is equipped with manual buttons that allow quick testing of the system. The information about what state is on the motor output is indicated by LEDs. The controller is also equipped with protections that prevent the module from delivering too high voltage.

The Cytron MDDRC10 controller has been equipped with 6 screw connectors to which the motors and power supply should be connected. The voltage should be within the range of 7 V to 30 V. 

The module does not have reverse polarity protection, so check carefully the power supply connection.

  • Plug and Play function and control directly from the RC level
  • Automatic calibration after switching on the controller
  • Two input modes to choose from
  • Bidirectional control for two DC brush motors
  • Operating voltage: 7 V to 30 V DC
  • Maximum motor current consumption:
    • continuous: 10 A
    • momentary: 30 A
  • Number of channels: 2
  • Equipped with quick system test buttons
  • Information about the motor output status via LEDs
  • PWM speed control frequency: up to 20 kHz
  • Protection: overcurrent with active current limit and undervoltage protection
  • Thermal protection
  • Dimensions: 88,90 x 48,3 mm